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I’m Cathy Gillen from Cathy Gillen Photography. I am not just your devoted photographer but I am first and foremost a mother to my four awesome babies. They are literally my world and the only consolation I have when I have to be away from them for my photo shoots is that I am getting to work with other wonderful little babies and their families. Before I got into photography professionally 6.5 years ago I was teaching little ones.

After I had my first baby I stopped teaching and just before the birth of my second daughter I decided to focus on my love of photography. Being able to make my own schedule, continue working with children, getting to be creative and meet so many awesome families has been such a pleasure and I am beyond appreciative for this journey I have been on.

I have always loved taking pictures. Literally every single day of my kids lives have been documented (thankfully they all love the camera!) Even before having kids though I always made sure to capture every moment through a lens because I always understood how quickly life can pass us by. Every photo session that I do I always feel so lucky because I am getting to capture and share these fleeting moments with every family. The laughs, the cries of newborns, the chasing after toddlers, the cuddling, the fighting, the bribing, the innocence and that final sweet shot of just mom and dad because they always forget about themselves.

My work has not stopped at family photography though. I have photographed weddings, milestone birthdays, christenings and many other various events. I have also worked as a fashion photographer for fashion & lifestyle blogger, Kate Dunphy at Taffeta and Tulips and designer, Dani Kates at Kandi Designz. Finally, over the last few years I have been the product photographer for Mish Mish and Baby Step clothing.

All of the families that I have worked with are not clients of mine but have become friends. I look forward to capturing their candid moments each year and watching their children grow. It warms my heart when the kids are excited to see me again and I get to catch up with them. 

I cant wait for another fun year with each one of you.

 Here’s to another picture perfect new year!

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